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Customer Service in Sunny Greece

Hlavní město Praha Plný úvazek

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Are you sick and tired of the ever-changing weather in the northern part of Europe? Would you like to live somewhere where you don't need to constantly change plans due to sudden cold spells or because it's raining cats and dogs?

Come work in Greece with us! Yes, Greece - a country which boasts of 250 sunny days a year and where it will take you just 20 minutes to get from the Athens office to the beach. After work, you and your coworkers will stop for a drink or have a tasty dinner consisting of the authentic Greek salad (choriatiki), tzatziki, moussaka, or souvlaki, and then move to Gazi - a pulsating neighborhood, where you will finish your evening in one (or more) trendy bars and clubs. On the weekend, you will take a ferryboat to one of the nearby islands in the Saronic Gulf, where you can discover beautiful beaches and other hidden spots.

And what will you be doing during the day?

You will be communicating in your native language with customers of renowned brands and assisting and supporting them with various queries they have. You will NOT be selling anything, making cold calls, or conducting phone surveys.


- You need to be an EU citizen, which allows you to work in Greece
- You need to be a native speaker of one of the EU languages
- You need to have a good command of English because the training (during which you will be already receiving your salary) is in English and your coworkers will be from different countries
- You should be reliable, responsible, and communicative

Please note that at the moment we are looking for candidates whose native language is other than English and/or Greek.

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Informace o pozici

  • Hlavní město Praha
  • Obor: Výroba, průmysl a energetika
  • Plat: Od 1100 EUR do 1400 EUR
  • Typ pracovního poměru: Plný úvazek