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Customer Service Advisor in AR with German

Hlavní město Praha Plný úvazek

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Would you enjoy working in a back office as AR accountants do but at the same time you would like to be pro-active and communicate with your customers more?

In this role, you can be in charge of both!

We are looking for a candidate to join our top Prague clients’ Account Receivable team as a Customer Service Advisor.

You will:

- Manage your own portfolio of customers;
- Respond to customer’s needs and problems and proactively contact customers in order to advise them regarding their invoices and processes connected with the payment;
- Identify problems with the orders, invoices or payments;
- Follow up with customers;
- Be responsible for the process until the payment is received and the receivable is cleared;
- Continuously communicate with both customers and different departments within the company.

In order to manage your tasks you will:
- Use SAP and CRM systems daily;
- Communicate with customers primarily via email


- Educational background in finance/accounting or similar
- Previous experience in AR would be a plus
- Strong command of English and German (B2)
- Good communication skills
- Analytical thinking
- Attention to detail
- Problem-solving attitude

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Informace o pozici

  • Hlavní město Praha
  • Obor: Výroba, průmysl a energetika
  • Plat: Od 45000 CZK do 49000 CZK
  • Typ pracovního poměru: Plný úvazek