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For our client we are looking for a new colleague for the Quality-Heavy Maintenance Manager!

What would you do?

- Contractual and technical follow-up of the O&M Contractor in order to ensure the
fulfilment by the Company of its contractual obligations within the construction and
operation phase of the project.
- Lead the full contractual exchange/correspondence with the O&M Contractor.
- Support CTO in definition of policies for the design/work method implementation
- Review and acceptance/rejection of design solutions/to be applied materials and/or work
methods in terms of its life cycle costs and future impact on operation.
- Exchange with the O&M Contractor, provide oversight of the implementation of the
inspection programme needed to monitor the ageing of the project’s assets in order to
ensure their correct maintenance.
- Define with the CTO the programme and budget for the project's heavy maintenance;
schedule and oversee its performance.
- Manage heavy maintenance subcontractors / advisors, ...
- Follow-up of the Constructor and O&M Contractor during the Defect liability period in
order to list all potential defects and to have them cleaned prior to the end of the
guaranty period.
- Ensure the management of the technical documents provided by the subcontractors, and
of the technical documents relative to the structure's follow-up and maintenance, and
the collection and retention of the project's verification documents.
- Participate in the management of the relations with all authorities and local participants
(local authorities, environmental associations, police…).
- Ensure the compliance with and implementation of the QHSE-SD provisions relative to
operations and maintenance, ensure that the rules are followed by the particular
- Participate in the management provisions for workplace accidents and follow the actions
regarding operations / maintenance that are defined after these accidents.
- Apply the crisis management provisions defined for this mission.
- Set up tools in order to report results to the CTO, in compliance with the contractual
obligations / requests from shareholders.
- Recognise and prevent risks in order to minimize the impacts on the company, i.e.
measuring or assessing the company's vulnerability while identifying potential threats.


- Master’s degree in Civil Engineering or another relevant discipline
- Minimum 5 years’ relevant experience in construction management/supervision in similar
- Experience in operation and maintenance of road infrastructures preferred.
- Experience in the field of Material Engineering.
- Programme management and/or project management experience relative to routine and
heavy maintenance projects.
- Ability to coordinate and manage subcontractors.
- Experience in the areas of health, safety and working conditions.
- Diplomacy, teaching skills, ability to adapt within an international context.
- Proficiency in English, other languages will be appreciated.

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  • Hlavní město Praha
  • Obor: Stavebnictví a reality
  • Plat: Od 90000 CZK do 120000 CZK
  • Typ pracovního poměru: Plný úvazek