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Server Management Windows

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Server management unit provides support for the base operating system on servers by implementing standard OS parameter configuration and version levels. These services include providing support of the Operating System configuration and associated file systems, log files, processes, problem determination, problem resolution, software, administration tools, utilities, security, and hardware. Administrative tools are installed to allow support to be provided locally or from a remote location. Standard problem & change control processes are followed.

Typical activities:

· Install an support the server operating system, system management software and operating system utilities, including upgrades

· Manage the operating system configuration and file systems and print queues

· Monitor and maintain operating system log files

· Recommend operating system updates and configuration modification

· Apply operating system patches as required

· Maintain tools for remote management and alert monitoring

· Maintain the hardware and software configuration server information

· Manage System ID's and domain structure

· Evaluate planned changes to the server environment and advise of any requirements to support such changes

· Provide system health check and trending reports (e.g. CPU, RAM, HDD)